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Himin Solar Co. , ltd is the torchbearer and exploiter of solar energy industry in China. A decade ago, Himin was founded in an unknown warehouse cherishing the dream of replacing the fossil energy with renewable energy. Presently, it has become the aircraft carrier of international solar energy industry.
Himin brand is the only one in solar energy field who has won three championships, Chinese honorable trademark,  Chinese famous brand and free inspection products. In 2004, the trademark of Himin is worth 5.13 billion RMB. Now the annual coverage area of Himin solar water heater has reached two million square meters, being equal to 800 megawatt. Main products Solar vacuum tube, Solar water heater, Warm-screen and low-e glass, Solar module, solar lamp.
The management theory of Himin Group is user-friendliness comes before marketability. The Group will always guard interest of the solar energy industry. Himin will never wage the price war. It leads the industry to the direction of high-quality development. Since it has been founded, Himin has always provided its costumers with the most favorable price and quality.
Himin Group takes part in four projects in national 863 program, one project in torch program . It has held more than 200 patents. It has mastered the core technology of interference coating. Its capable research team has united with its sales team by the tie of Himin culture, which makes technological innovation has always catered to its customers.
In the past ten years, Himin has created world famous 8422reading, it has covered 80,000,000 kms to popularize the knowledge and application of solar energy; The solar energy utilized by the installation of Himin products is equal to 4000 megawatt electricity, which has surpassed the total amount of that of EU, been twice as much as north America and six times as much as Japan and Korea put together. It has saved totally 200 million tons normative coal for China and has reduced dirty discharge more than 200 million tons. For the time being, Himin can save fossil energy equaling to the reserves of one Zhongyuan oil field yearly by popularizing solar energy, and the utility rate of solar energy can be increased by 30% yearly.
Facing worldwide energy crisis, Himin has founded a large market of solar heating and photoelectricity with no example to copy and no method introduced, motivated by market-oriented operation and absolute innovation. To the credit, Himin has grown into modern large-scale industrial production from manual workshop of solar products. The whole industry system of solar energy utility has been set up by Himin in ten years, while it took western countries 60 to 80 years to do so. The commercial promotion model and industrial production system of solar industry created by Himin has set a most valuable example for the development of global renewable energy. In order to further develop solar industry, Himin Group has set up a solar valley in Dezhou City Shandong Province, which is named China Solar City and is preparing for the 2010 Solar City Conference. In the coming five years, the solar valley will become the center of R&D&I, manufacture, the popularity of scientific education, tourism and meetings &communication.
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